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Samsung Link (AllShare Play) was an app for the Android devices that work as a bridge between multiple devices and then allow its users to seamlessly play all of the available content across multiple connected devices. However, for this, the users must have WiFi or internet connection enabled devices and only those devices that accept the installation of this app… read more

Visit Samsung today for @. You'll find product and support information for our products and information about our company. Imagine what Samsung can do for you! Enjoy all the features and benefits of AllShare Play with Samsung Link, an integrated service that replaces AllShare Play on select Samsung devices. Easily access photos, music, videos and documents stored in multiple locations, even if they are not on the same network.

13 Apps Like Samsung Link (AllShare Play)


1. AllShare Play

AllShare Play is the new app launched by the Samsung as a replacement of its discontinued Samsung Link that was launched for synchronizing all internet connection supported devices. AllShare Play can simply call as a screen casting app as well that allows the Android devices users to share the content of their smartphones across multiple devices and seamlessly play over the connected devices. It will empower you with the system of even dealing with your multimedia files over the big screens. Just imagine playing a favorite movie from your smartphone to the PC or Smart TV or just imagine sharing or playing it with your friend who is sitting in another corner of the world if he is already using this tool over his device. The best about AllShare Play is that in addition to playing and sharing of files it also allows its users to save their favorite material on the web as well to keep them protected all the time.


2. Allshare TV Cast

Allshare TV Cast is an independent screen casting app totally different from the Allshare Play of the Samsung. This app that is available for the iOS devices is basically used for playing the videos stored in the smartphone to the DLNA and Chromecast. It is a means for enjoying the data stored in the internal storage of the smartphone over the multiple connected devices via this app. However, for this, the users must have enabled the WiFi connection on all devices. In addition to watching videos and movies, Allshare TV Cast also supports for the live streaming of the TV shows from the smartphone to the other connected DLNA and Chromecast devices as well. The best about Allshare TV Cast is that it offers great support for almost all kind of existing Smart TVs.


3. Allcast TV Pro

Allcast TV Pro is a great means for casting both online and offline multimedia material from iOS devices to the Chromecast devices, Google Cast Player, DLNA TVs, Android TVs and another kind of Smart TVs. This simple app that doesn’t involve any setting at all is a great means for playing all kind of music, videos, photos and movies from the iOS devices to all above-mentioned devices. You can even use this app for casting web videos as well like YouTube videos. The offers are simply limitless. It does all depend upon the material that you have stored in your device. The best about this simple casting app is that it seamlessly integrated itself into the home network and after that will automatically detect all those smart TVs, DLNA supported devices that are using the same network. Now you can easily start streaming and controlling the music, videos, movies, photos and whatever you want to the big screen right from the smartphone.

Allshare For Mac Samsung

4. UPNP Xtreme

UPNP Xtreme is the name of a next generation DLNA and UPNP streamer that allow the smartphone users to stream the content from their smartphone to the smart TVs and HD TVs. This simple app support for streaming of all kind of multimedia contents like TV series, movies, music, videos, photos and much more. This app also support for all of these content even from the iTunes store to the HD TVs as well. Wanna know about which smart TVs or HD TVs it is supporting for streaming purposes. These are Sony TVs, Samsung HD TVs, Apple TV, Panasonic, LG TVs, Toshiba and smart TVs and HD TVs of some other leading brands. UPNP Xtreme is also fully compatible with Kodi, Plex Server, Serviio, PlayerXtreme, VLC and over twenty other kind of servers and media players. UPNP Xtreme is simply a free means of streaming and casting multimedia content over the connected devices.


5. Cast Player

This simple to use app will cast and stream your photos and videos on the Chromecast supported devices. It is one of the best and simplest means of casting photos and videos of all type from the smartphones to the Chromecast connected smart TVs as well. The features and functions that make this casting app simply the best above all browsing and casting the multimedia files, viewing photos and playing them in a slideshow mode, carousel mode for swiping between images, support for iCloud Photo Library, connect to even those Chromecast devices as well that are on the same WiFi network, choosing videos and photos resolution for casting, managing the app storage and much more. From locally available Chromecast devices to connecting with desired Chromecast device, Cast Player supports all kind of casting. In addition to offering a great number of functionalities, Cast Player is a free app and is not an ad supported version too.

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6. videoCast for Chromecast

videoCast for Chromecast is a simple app with only one dedicated purpose, and that is allowing its users to cast the videos from multiple media servers in the local network to all those TVs supporting for Google Chromecast. videoCast for Chromecast is the best app for dealing with the content of multiple media servers across the multiple connected devices subject to connection with this app first. The best about videoCast for Chromecast is that it supports a wide range of audio and video codecs and also support for the subtitles and dealing with multiple audio tracks at the same time as well. Moreover, this app is integrated with the Rotten Tomatoes as well so you can read the reviews on your favorite movies as well and after that can decide whether you would like to play this movie with your friends or not. Video formats being supported by this app are WebM, MP4, MOV, AVI, and MKV.


7. Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP

Video & TV Cast for DLNA UPnP is a free app for the iOS devices that allow for streaming of videos and movies from the smartphones to the smart TVs and DLNA supporting devices. With the usage of this simple casting app, you can enjoy the favorite material from the smartphone to all supported Blu-ray player, video game console and DLNA certified TVs as well. This app will simply allow you to add a new level of dimension to all of the DLNA enabled devices wherever these are located. In addition to casting offline material, this app also allows for streaming and casting from the all leading video streaming websites as well. All those videos that are generally available in the M4V, MP4 and MOV formats can be played on the connected devices. Wanna enjoy casting on your own terms then move to the advanced settings section to make the necessary changes.


8. Castio – Cast to Chromecast TV

Castio is a free TV and video casting application for the Google Chromecast supporting devices. For those who want to play the multimedia files from the smartphone to the Google, Chromecast media player will surely like using this app. All they need to connect to their favorite Smart TV via this app and after that, they are all ready to share the material over the internet. Within few taps, you will be able to watch your favorite videos stored on the device and even the videos from the web pages over the big screen. Castio doesn’t put any limitation on the length of the video at all. However, make it sure you are using the fast rated WiFi connection so that you can enjoy sharing and playing at super fast speed. Castio is simply one of the best casting apps available over the internet.


9. Nero Streaming Player

This casting and streaming app titled Nero Streaming Player will first allow you to connect your iOS device to smart TVs and after that start casting music, videos, movies and photos from the device to that connected smart TV. You can also start casting of all content mentioned above with DLNA and UPnP receiver as well. In short, this app is offering too many possibilities to its users without the requirement of hardware at all. The best about all it is an entirely free app without any usage restriction and limitation at all. In addition to casting, there are lot more activities to do via this app like zooming and rotating the photos, sorting out the music according to interest, albums and genres, using the iOS device as a remote control for casting and controlling the casting music and videos, streaming the media to those smart TVs as well that are stored on to the PC and much more.


10. Cast King TV

Cast King TV is not a straightforward casting app at all rather it is a kind of web browser that support for casting from smartphones to the Google Chromecast connected devices. This app is basically used for sharing and streaming web based stuff from the iOS devices to the connected TVs. This app also allows the users to save the videos from the internet to the internal storage of their devices to cast them later in offline mode. If you are searching for a casting app with great live streaming functionality then Cast King TV is a simple app for that purpose that can cast that too within few taps. Cast King TV is being offered in both free and pro version. In pro version of the app you will enjoy more number of features like casting videos of all kind of formats and from all kind of video streaming sites.


11. iWebTV

iWebTV is a cast to TV app for Chromecast supported devices and Roku Fire TV. The specialty of this app is that it is basically used for finding movies, TV shows and other content from the internet using smartphone and then casting all of these to the smart TVs. This simple app works seamlessly with Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku TV, Chromecast supported devices and several other kind of devices that are powered by Chromecast and Roku. The features that make this app simple the best above all are that it support for streaming of videos and movies in HD resolution, getting the video preview to instantly find the favorite scenes, advanced browser for searching limitlessly, setting own homepage, skipping the video ads, live streaming and much more. Some of the features that we have mentioned are available for the paid version of the app only. Overall, iWebTV is fit app for casting and streaming purposes.


12. TV Assist

This simple yet powerful app that is currently available for the iOS devices only permit its users to play their videos, movies, music and even photos from the smartphones to the DLNA supported devices like PC, Smart TVs, Sound Box and other connected devices. After making the link between smartphone and other device via this app you are only required to select the required media file and tap to play. Only one single step will allow you to start casting of your favorite content from the smartphone to any big screen device. The best about in addition to casting files on those devices that are in the net of home network, it also support for remote casting as well so that you can have unlimited fun with those friends that are sitting in other countries. With the usage of this app you can also browse the media files on the other DLNA devices as well and can play these on the smart TVs or other supported DLNA devices as well.


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13. Photo Video Cast

Photo Video Cast that is basically Chromecast media player is also used as means for screen casting as well. It offers the simplest way to the smartphone users to enjoy all of their favorite photos and videos on their TVs. The powerful features of this app are integrated in a totally simple and user friendly interface. After installing this free app you will be able to share the photos and videos with even your friends and family members as well by beaming them on their connected Smart TV. The best about Photo Video Cast is that it even allows its users to create their own custom slideshows as well by selecting the photos one by one or entire album, add favorite songs from the library and make a soundtrack. This sound track can be shared over the connected devices and can be played over there as well. In short, this simple app is offering a lot of possibilities to its users.

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More About Samsung Link (AllShare Play)

Samsung Link (AllShare Play) was an app for the Android devices that work as a bridge between multiple devices and then allow its users to seamlessly play all of the available content across multiple connected devices. However, for this, the users must have WiFi or internet connection enabled devices and only those devices that accept the installation of this app. It was an excellent means of playing the content of small screen on the big screen like Smart TVs, PCs and much more devices. Moreover, remote device access for remote playing purpose was also the part of this app. This app was then allowing its users to smartly deal with all of their stuff across the connected devices. They can deal with their photos, music, and videos across multiple devices. It was also an excellent means of having entertainment and fun together with friends and family.