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Are there any modern web browsers for MacOS 9? For those with MacOS 9, it is a fairly safe assumption that most have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, as it was the default browser when the operating system was current. MSIE 5 for the Mac isn't the worst browser ever released, and it supports some CSS for 'modern' website designs. Tor Browser, Brave, and Mozilla Firefox are probably your best bets out of the 13 options considered. 'Tor sets the standard for safe and private browsing' is the primary reason people pick Tor Browser over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that. The best browser for Android or the best browser for Windows can not be the best browser for Mac. Even the fastest browser for iOS is not supposed to be the fastest browser for Mac OS. As each operating system has different features, functionality and requirements, so you need a powerful internet.

When it comes to surfing the internet then Web browsers play a very crucial role.

They act as a medium between the user and the internet, which is why it became more important to choose which one fits best for you.

As there are many of them, with a variety of features, we decided to pick TOP 4 for you.

So here in this article, we are providing you with 4 Best Web Browsers for Mac OS 2019 version.

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TOP 4 Best Web Browsers For Mac Os

1. Safari

The first on the list is “Safari“.

It’s a very well known Web Browser by Apple users as it comes preloaded with all Apple Devices such as Macbook, iMac, iPhone, and iPad.

The best part is if you are using Safari happily then you don’t need to shift to any other Web Browser as it is perfectly optimized for the Apple devices.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons of Safari:


  • Preinstalled – Safari comes preloaded with all Mac OS devices ( MacBook and iMac ) so it means you need not to install it separately.
  • Perfectly Optimised – As Apple has always known for its software Optimisation so it makes Safari Perfect Choice for Mac devices.


  • Slow – Safari is slow as compared to other top Web Browsers.

2. Google Chrome

The next insanely popular Web browser on the list is “Google Chrome“.

Google Chrome is the most widely used Web browser on the internet with over billions of users worldwide.

This Web browser uses the Blink engine which is written in C++, and the majority of its source code is available through the open-source project Chromium.

Talking about the best part then it’s one of the fastest Web browsers on the internet.

Some pros and Cons of Google Chrome:


  • Fast – The biggest strength of Google Chrome is that it is one of the fastest web browsers in the world.
  • Simplified UI – Google Chrome also has the simplest UI as compared to other powerful Web browsers.


  • High Ram usage – The worst thing about Google Chrome is that it eats up a lot of RAM.

3. Opera

The next on the list is “Opera“.

It is one of the most loved Web browsers on the internet with tons of features and millions of users.

The browser uses Blink engine as a layout, and it has many features that were original in Opera, and later adopted by other browsers.

Some pros and cons of Opera:


  • Provides high-quality VPN – Opera has an inbuilt option by which a user can enjoy a very quality VPN service for free.
  • Ad-blocker – Another very powerful feature of Opera is that allows the user to get rid of those irritating ads which pop up right on the browser screen.


  • Slow – The only downside of Opera is that it is fairly slow as compared to other Web browsers.

4. Mozilla Firefox

The next big blockbuster on the list is “Mozilla Firefox“.

It’s a very well known Web browser by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation.

It’s a lightweight, fast and most reliable web browser for the users.

You can add numerous add-ons or perform tons of customization without any hesitation.

Some pros and cons of Firefox Web browser:


Best Browser For Macbook Pro

  • Fast – It’s not as fast as chrome but definitely comes after that.
  • Lightweight – Firefox is a lightweight web browser which is small in size and performs much better as compared to others.


  • Compatibility Issues – Firefox still faces some compatibility issues even after updates.
  • Automatically Resume downloads – This was the biggest issue in the past few years and still faced by many Firefox users.


So this was all regarding the 4 Best Web Browsers for Mac OS 2019. If you find it useful then do let us know in the comment section below, would love to hear that.

Stay tuned for more.

Browsers Best For Mac OsBrowsers Best For Mac Os

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Lightweight browsers are commonly used today, thanks to their quickness, light use of resources, and advanced safety options. We went through 5 of the most popular lightweight browsers for Mac and tested them to see how they hold on.

When Do You Need A Lightweight Browser

Since Mac comes with a Safari, a lot of people don’t think about switching to another browser. That’s understandable. Safari has a lot of features under the hood, like tracking prevention and fingerprinting defense, that do a good job in making you secure. So then, why should you use a lightweight browser on your Mac?

One reason is that Safari, along with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, uses quite a lot of resources. This can lead to your Mac performing frustratingly slow. Lightweight browsers circumvent this problem, while still providing a great degree of safety.

5 Best Lightweight Browsers For Mac

1. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon provides a fast and secure browsing experience. To protect your privacy, just select Maxthon’s private mode. The browser also supports synchronization between different OS platforms, for seamless and safe fire sharing. There’s also a cloud backup that uses advanced encryption, which will make sure that you never lose your data.

Maxthon Browser also lets you easily download videos from YouTube and Facebook. Just put your cursor over it and download sign will appear. Add to this a night mode, screen capture, and a smart reader mode, and it’s easy to see why Maxthon is one of the most popular lightweight browsers.

2. Vivaldi

Vivaldi has everything you might want from a Mac browser. It is quick, packed with features and customizable. It will even let you choose your theme and layout, so you will have a browser that fits you like a glove.


Vivaldi uses end-to-end encryption method while sending your data to keep your files safe. There’s also a private window that will give you ultimate anonymity by deleting all temporary files and cookies. Lastly, this browser has a great bookmarking system and a page capture feature that will surely be useful.

On the other hand, Vivaldi doesn’t come with an adblocker nor does it offer a webpage translation service. It is also made from the same engine as Chrome and shares similar vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

However, we are just nitpicking. MacUpdate thinks that Vivaldi is among the safest lightweight browsers for Mac, among with Brave, and we wholeheartedly agree.

3. Brave

Brave decided to distinguish itself by blocking all ads by default. The result is up to 6 times faster page loading, in comparison to Firefox and Chrome. Brave also makes the transition easy, thanks to the import function that will quickly take all of your previous settings and various bookmark. This way, you lose nothing.

Aside from adware, Brave also successfully blocks phishing and various malware. However, if you want to support somebody, the browser lets you do this by providing a unique ad network. As if that’s not enough, the browser has no user tracking, leaving your privacy completely intact.

Brave is based on Chrome’s engine, meaning that it is exposed to the same threats as Google’s popular engine. Additionally, there have been compatibility issues with some of the websites. But, when all is said and done, Brave still stands as a solid lightweight browser.

4. Seamonkey

We might call Seamonkey Firefox’s younger brother. After all, it’s based on the same code, just delivered in a lightweight browser format. Seamonkey comes with plenty of advanced features such as a newsgroup, IRC chat, and e-mail client, along with an HTML editor.

With its multitude of options, Seamonkey is perfectly built for the corporate environment, while the casual users might look somewhere else.

5. Sleipnir

Sleipnir’s goal is to keep things simple, yet deliver a powerful and quick performance. It comes with a TouchPaging feature that lets you move through the pages, open and close tabs, just by using your hand. The browser has improved a lot over the years by featuring ad-block and safe syncing via Fenrir Pass.

Mac Internet Browsers

However, this lightweight browser has some limitations. A big one is the inability to get extensions, which is something all other browsers on the list do have. Also, websites will occasionally be displayed incorrectly. If you don’t mind these imperfections, Sleipnir will serve you just fine.

Best Browser For Mac Os X 10.8.5

All in all, there are plenty of great lightweight browsers available for Mac that can easily become your default.