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Chessmaster 9000 1.1.3 MAC Download. Chessmaster 9000 introduces gamers to the principles and methods of chess, whereas constructing abilities by way of. Select the About Chessmaster 9000 option found in the Chessmaster 9000 menu. Click the History button and you will be presented with a scrolling timeline, chronicling the history of Chess. How do I save Opening Comments and Variations in Opening Books? Chessmaster 9000 for Mac - Free download and software Chessmaster 9000 introduces players to the rules and strategies of chess, while building skills through fun yet comprehensive tutorials Amazoncom: Chessmaster 9000: Software Chessmaster 9000 Teacher, Mentor, Ultimate Opponent is one of a long, generally high quality series of Chessmaster. 'Chessmaster 9000 on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger' cellist December 23, 2005 / Version: Chessmaster 9000 1.0.1.

Chessmaster 9000 1.1.3 974.77 MB

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.6 (tested 10.14.3)
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel® processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:


Language: English only

Cure: Logic

Chessmaster 9000

Chessmaster 9000 Download

The first edition of this best-selling series of chess simulations to appear on the Mac for several years.
Chessmaster 9000 boasts a new and improved chess engine that allows players to compete against more than 150 different opponents from beginner to Grandmaster level combined with the best 3D graphics ever seen in a chess program.
Featuring challenging gameplay with unrivalled personal instruction and chess resource material to elevate your game, Chessmaster is a teacher, mentor and ultimate opponent that provides countless hours of interactive competition and fun.


Since the very first version of this game appeared in 1986, Chessmaster has led computer chess gaming, selling more than 5 million units worldwide and winning numerous awards. Chessmaster 9000 builds on the strong foundation of its predecessors by adding many new tools to help players master the game of chess, featuring:

  • Enjoy and learn from more than 800 classic games , including the best of 2001 and 2002 Grand Master games.
  • Study the best opening moves and learn how to dominate the opponent sitting across from you.
  • Experience a new and improved chess engine that allows players to compete against more than 150 different opponents, from beginner to Grandmaster level.
  • Includes the new Psychology of Competition chess course taught by International Master Josh Waitzkin.
  • Play using a variety of online, multiplayer options , including rated chess games and high-speed “blitz” chess games.
  • Set up Tournaments to see how you would fare against famous historic chess players, or pit them against each other in a battle of wills.
  • View the best graphics ever seen in a chess program on the Mac, featuring more than 30 new chess sets and optional, true 3D gameplay .
  • Play against new random opponents for greater replay value .
  • Improve your game with the new Blunder Alert feature that immediately notifies you of better moves when you move you pieces into danger.
  • Test your skills with the new Endgame Quiz from five-time US Chess Champion Larry Evans .
  • Jump right into a game with the new ‘Quickstart’ play or turn up the action with “speed chess” .

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4.14 GB

Developer: David Kittinger

Release date: 2004

Chessmaster 9000 For Mac

Version: 1.1.3 + Full Game

Interface language: Russian, English

Tablet: Is present

Platform: PPC/Universal

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The Chessmaster chess engine is called The King, written by Johan de Koning of the Netherlands. It was introduced in Chessmaster 4000; the first edition featured a chess engine written by David Kittinger, who went on to develop the engines for Interplay's USCF Chess, WChess for the German company Millennium 2000, and Sierra Entertainment's Power Chess, Majestic Chess and Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures. The second edition had an engine designed by Kate and Dan Spracklen of Sargon fame.

According to the September 2009 Swedish Chess Computer Association (SSDF) rating list, Chessmaster 9000 has an estimated Elo rating of 2718 on an Athlon-1200 PC. If multiple versions of other engines are stripped out of their list, Chessmaster 9000 ranks 14th among all engines tested. As of May 2008, Chessmaster 9000 remains the most recent version rated by the SSDF.

Chessmaster 9000 online

The latest version, Chessmaster 11th Edition, was released in 2007, and has lagged behind more current chess engines. CCRL places it 84th on its February 2017 list.

The King engine allows users to create new playing styles, also called 'personalities', by manipulating several dozen different settings, such as King Safety, Pawn Weakness, Randomness, Mobility and others. Individual piece values can also be adjusted. Chessmaster 9000, for example, features over 150 different personalities ranging from International Grandmaster strength down to Stanley, a chimpanzee who, in most situations, plays completely random moves.

The personality feature has inspired many amateur computer chess enthusiasts to attempt to find more optimum personalities. In Chessmaster 10th Edition, the creation of new personalities has been made easier than before. The Stanley chimpanzee personality inspired the Stanley Random Chess Variant.


Screenshots from the game Chessmaster 9000

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics: 32 MB
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB

Chessmaster 9000 Online

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