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Whilst being the best budget mouse out there, the Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical is also one of the best ergonomic options too. As far as value goes, this is the best option that you're going to find for under £20/$20. Yes, it's rather tall, and if you haven't used a standing mouse before, it might take a few goes to get used to, but that's also a strength.

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OK, so I just bought this thing and went through the same craziness as everyone else. Here is what I did to finally make it work

  1. Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to work better with Windows, get how-to tips, and more in one easy download. Go to Mouse and Keyboard center Featured Products. Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. Advanced Ergonomic Design All-in-One Media Keyboard. Type, swipe, drag, zoom, click, and more with the All-in-One Media Keyboard Follow Microsoft.
  2. Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse – Wireless Mouse with 1 Year Battery Life, Side-to-Side Scrolling, and Right or Left Hand Use with Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows Computers and Laptops, Gray 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,122.

1) Reset Bluetooth module - hold down Shift-Option then click bluetooth menu, go under debug, reset module

2) Reboot computer

3) Open bluetooth preferences, put MS keyboard into pairing mode (button is on left side of square base, opposite battery end - hold it for 3s until white light on Esc key starts flashing

4) Click pair in bluetooth preferences

5) *** IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE DOING *** - when numbers pop up, click pair and then you must type all 6 and hit enter, before the box disappears - easiest to do on number keypad. It seems that once you start typing, the box will just disappear in a few seconds - all keys must be hit including enter, before this happens.

6) With any luck, it will actually pair now.

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What a pain in the microshaft.