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The Disk Doctor which was developed in UK got awarded the “Mac Gem” award by the MacWorld in 2013. It received a lot of praise from CNET and other tech journalists for its functionality. As at now, it still remains a very effective tool for Mac Cleaning and it effectively removes junk files that slows down the Mac and reduces its computing. Disk cleaner free download - Pro Disk Cleaner, Dr Cleaner, Disk Drill, and many more programs. Clean up your Mac's hard drive of tons of unneeded files and find duplicate files with just a drag.

Wise Disk Cleaner will automatically clean up the useless files in the background when the scheduled time is up. In settings, you can also create a ‘Clean with 1-click’ icon and place it on the desktop. With this feature, you can clean up the junk files by just clicking the icon without opening Wise Disk Cleaner. Optimize and clean my PC. Keep your computer clean and fast with Total PC Cleaner. It lets you clean your PC's cache and big files. It has everything you need for a free computer cleaner. User comments 'This is the best pc cleaner in Microsoft store'. It scans your whole computer to clean up junk files, speed up your PC, and boost its performance.

Don’t know how to check disk space on Mac? Read this guide about how to see disk space on Mac, and get a simple method to free up disk space on your Mac easily and quickly.

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MacClean – Your Best Mac Cleaner Software

Download MacClean prior to save your time before reading this guide on how to check and free up disk space on Mac.

All of your apps and files on your Mac are stored on your hard drive. You can easily check the free space on your hard disk to make sure you have enough space on your computer’s hard disk. That’s because Mac OS X needs some free space to function effectively. Just follow the instructions below to determine how much space is available.

How to Check Disk Space on Mac

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Part 1. How to Check Disk Space on Your Mac

Step 1. On a desktop, click the Apple icon and select “About This Mac”.

Step 2. At the About This Mac window, click on the “More Info” button.

Step 3. Choose the “Storage” tab to check the disk storage overview and capacity.

Or you can

Step 1. On your Mac desktop, find your hard drive icon.

Step 2. Right click it and choose “Get Info” option.

Step 3. You will see “Capacity” of drive, “Available” and “Used” space.

Disc Cleanup Mac

If you find your disk space is running out of space, you might need to clean up your Mac in order to free up disk space on your Mac. Now follow the rest part to free up disk space on Mac with an effective Mac cleaning software MacClean.

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MacClean is one powerful cleaning tool made to free up and speed up your Mac. It works well for all Mac computers, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, etc. This professional software can help you remove all kinds of junk files and cookies from your Mac to get more available disk space. It can also find out malicious cookies to eliminate hidden dangers.

Part 2. How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac with MacClean

Step 1. Free download and install MacClean on your Mac computer. Take a few seconds to finish the installation process.

Step 2. Clean junk files on your Mac. You can click any junk item on the left side of this software to clean them, such as System Junk (User Junk, OSX Junk, App Leftover) and Internet Junk (Browsing History, Caches, Download History and Cookies).

How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac with MacClean – Step 2

Step 3. Delete some useless old/large files or duplicate files on your Mac. By using Cleanup and Optimization Tools of MacClean, you can easily pick out duplicates and old/large files.

How to Free Up Disk Space on Mac with MacClean – Step 3

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The Bottom Line

Free Disk Cleaners For Mac

If your Mac is running out of space after checking the disk space on your Mac, just try MacClean to free up more disk space on your Mac. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section. Meanwhile, please share this guide with your friends if it is helpful for you.

Disk Clean For Mac

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