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Best Russian TV channels Kartina TV USA, New York and Brooklyn Our service provides to the customers more than 150 Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and other channels for just $18 per month. For example: other cable companies charge from $30 for 3-4 Russian channels in poor quality, without additional features and technical support. Dear Kartina TV customers, in particular, owners of Apple TV 4 Generation box, we have one more pleasant news for you: Now you can start watching our service using an application Kartina TV on the Apple TV 4 Generation! Application is available to download from Apple Store. Mac users interested in Kartina tv player for apple tv generally download: Kartina TV Player 2.4 Free. With Kartina TV Player you can watch Russian IP television service Katrina.TV on iPad. It requires paid subscription to the Kartina.TV service. Free Kartina TV icons! Download 89 vector icons and icon kits.Available in PNG, ICO or ICNS icons for Mac for free use. Kartina - Free font. Font designed by Designed by Mozyen Studio and free for personal use. MaisFontes More than 262.000 amazing free fonts.

Now you can buy Kartina TV EVA - a new generation Kartina TV box from Dune!

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Kartina TV 1 month subscription

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Kartina TV 1 year subscription

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Kartina TV 1 year subscription $18 monthly

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Kartina TV 1 year subscription

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Kartina Tv For Mac

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In order to install Kartina TV USA, you need to have fast Internet (speed from 8 Mbps is required), and a valid Kartina TV subscription with Kartina TV Media Box (or other compatible devices). But you have to make sure your Internet speeds higher than the minimum, otherwise, the picture may freezes or other problems may appear.

All types of Kartina TV subscriptions is available to purchase from our website (kartinatvbrooklyn.com), and it takes just a couple of minutes.

With regard to the console choice you can pick whatever is fit in your budget , but do not forget that newer models (for example, Kartina TV Dune Like Box) have better technical characteristics and shows a better picture. You can buy Kartina TV Like Box in the 'Consoles' section.

We also provide installation if needed and configure the Media Payer with extra charge of $50 per Player. You can order this service by phone indicated in the website header or by email. Our installers will contact you to schedule appointment and get the necessary information.

Best Russian TV channels Kartina TV USA, New York and Brooklyn

Our service provides to the customers more than 150 Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and other channels for just $18 per month. For example: other cable companies charge from $30 for 3-4 Russian channels in poor quality, without additional features and technical support.

With Kartina TV USA in New York and Brooklyn you will have the opportunity to watch what you like at any convenient time. You can see the current channel list after activating the KartinaTV subscription, as it may change.

Categories of Russian channels:

  • children channels;
  • entertaining channels;
  • sports channels (includes pay per view events);
  • music channels;
  • erotic channels;
  • and much more.

Kartina TV USA VOD (Video On Demand)

We also provide more than 30.000 movies on demand available at any time without any additional charges (with active premium subscription). In addition to our own Kartina TV VOD, we provide the opportunity to view the archives of the online VOD services like 'IVI', 'Start' and 'Megogo' without an additional fee (only for premium package).

To provide best service, video library is divided into genres. You can watch our VOD libraries on any gadgets (smart phones, tablets, PC and other) or just simply purchase Kartina TV Media Player.

Access anywhere in the world from Kartina TV USA

The Internet is now present almost everywhere, so with any gadget that supports streaming video, you can watch Kartina TV anytime, anywhere. You can also listen to your favorite radio stations at any time with no extra charge.

2 Weeks TV archive from Kartina TV USA Brooklyn

This function is one of the main advantages of our service, because now you do not need to record a show when you do not have time to watch the next series of your favorite series, news, or a sports event. The archive for the last 14 days is available for almost all channels and you dont have to worry if you skip something. Now you will not miss anything, you will always be up to date, and most importantly - you have possibilities to skip commercial breaks!

Multiroom Kartina TV USA

Katrina Formation

Before we create new future of the multiroom function, it was necessary to buy a subscription for each device separately. Now you can buy one subscription and use it with 3 devices on the same network without any extra charges. The function called MULTIROOM. You can watch different channels in different rooms using same subscription. For more information call us.

Thank you.

Connecting Kartina TV in Brooklyn

Installation, connection and setting a set-top box - only $ 50.
Now you can ask connection right on our website by filling in the feedback form or via phone numbers listed in the header, and after that you will be contacted by our manager to arrange the convenient time and date.

Available everywhere

You can watch Russian TV online wherever there is an access to the Internet: home on TV, on the go using a tablet or phone. We are always close! But we do not limit ourselves solely with TV – now Kartina TV broadcasts on radio stations!

Russian TV channels

We differ from the American TV providers with a wider choice of channels in Russian. While most providers broadcast only several Russian channels at mediocre quality for $ 30 per month, we offer our clients more than 150 channels in Russian in HD quality just for $18.

TV Channels Archive

If you missed the long-awaited game or favorite show – that is not a problem, as we save TV channels’ broadcasts over the past two weeks, so you'll be able to watch missed broadcast or see it again using the archive without any problems.

Kartina For Mac

Video Library

Kartina Mac

Surely many have dreamed to have own home theater! Kartina TV makes this dream even closer. Now our customers have non-stop access to more than 3,000 films online in HD quality with no extra cost!


One family – one ticket! Now you no longer have to buy a separate subscription for each device. With the 'multiroom' function, you can watch different channels on the three devices simultaneously. For example, you will not pay a penny on top for TV in the living room, bedroom and children's room.

We are waiting for you in the ranks of our satisfied customers!

We make watching Russian TV easy and fun, anytime and anywhere. With Kartina.TV you get access to more than 200 TV-channels including such categories as sports, news, cartoons, entertainment and more. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies online on any devices. Join now and discover the world of Russian TV!

We offer a wide range of popular Russian TV channels and the most exciting shows for every taste1. Watch your favorite Russian TV programs and series live or in archive, use our time shift feature to set the timing that suits you, enjoy HD quality and our special features that will make your experience special!

Over 20 000 Movies in Russian

Watch Russian movies online: we offer a variety of breathtaking action films, fun comedies, USSR classics, horror movies, fantasy, cartoons, spectacular premieres, series and more. Kartina.TV subscription includes a free access to three online-cinemas: ivi, START and Megogo containing more than 20 000 movies in total.
No more missed shows — you can watch Russian TV live or in archive. During two weeks after a show went live it will still be available in archive! Only you decide, what time and what content you want to watch. You can skip commercials and pass over to the most exciting moments at a glance.
Kartina For Mac
Watch on your TV at home or abroad using a Kartina.TV box or watch on the go, while traveling, wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet! Just download our free official Kartina.TV app for iOS/Android.
You can also watch online via our website on any PC. Bonus: our multiroom feature allows users to access different content on three different devices using one subscription.To use the feature please make sure that all the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi/WLAN network.2
Number of Russian TV channelsover 200
Online cinemas ivi, START, Megogo Yes
HD Yes
TV Archive Yes
Multiroom Yes
24/7 customer support hotline Yes
Premium subscriptions are available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, you can pick an option with monthly payment or pay at once. Buy Kartina.TV subscription and start watching now!

Discover the world of Russian television with Kartina.TV — there are no boundaries and you can watch popular shows and movies across the globe. Download Kartina.TV app for iOS/Android and get a free 7 days trial, watch on Roku, Smart TV or Android TV and Apple TV via our free app. Our multiform feature allows to watch TV and movies in Russian on 3 devices simultaneously, the devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi/WLAN network. You can buy Kartina.TV subscription online on the official website or call our customer service hotline and place an order 24/7.

  1. Some programs may be unavailable in certain countries according to legal restrictions.
  2. Certain devices may not support some of the stated features. We are constantly working on improving and updating the service to guarantee the best quality for our customers.
  3. The number of channels stated on the website is non-binding and may vary depending on the country where the service is provided. Kartina.TV reserves the right to remove or add individual channels at its own discretion.
  4. From 2 Mbit / s for SD and 8 Mbit / s for HD channels per each connected device. Please note that external interference may occur, especially with WLAN connections.
  5. Additional charges for a call may apply, depends on your cellular plan