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Set up Mac mini, migrate your data, and then get in-depth help with all of your computer’s built-in apps and features. See user guides. Find technical specifications — processor speed, storage, memory, and more — for your Mac mini model. What kind of computer is the Minecraft server running on? The 2.4ghz lower end unibody Mac mini, with a total of 4gb of RAM. I run a Subsonic server (for streaming my music collection) off of it, along with seeding various totally legal torrents (nothing but linux iso’s, promise).

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Connect your Mac mini to other devices

If the cable from your external display, hard drive, or other device doesn't connect to the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on your Mac mini, you might need an adapter.

Find the right adapter

Use 10Gb Ethernet with your Mac mini

If you configured your Mac mini (2018) with 10Gb Ethernet, learn which cables to use and how to maximize transfer speeds.

Connect to 10Gb Ethernet

Connect multiple displays to your Mac mini

With four Thunderbolt 3 ports built-in, Mac mini supports an HDMI display along with two 4K displays or one 5K display.

Connect to displays

Learn about Mac accessories

Set up your keyboard, mouse, and trackpad and learn about other Mac accessories.

Get help with Mac accessories

Get AppleCare+ for Mac

Minecraft for mac os

Minecraft Minimap Mac

With AppleCare+, you’re covered. Get accidental damage coverage and 24/7 priority access to Apple experts.

Minecraft for mac mini

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Play Minecraft Free Mac

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