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Mac users, rejoice! With the Mac app NetSpot, you can easily avoid WiFi dead zones.
The app, launched earlier this year for OS X, scans nearby WiFi networks revealing signal strengths, security types, channel information, and more as soon as you launch it. This information is displayed on the Discover view by default, but if you turn on the 'Survey' feature, you can build a heat map of your network. You'll be asked to load or draw a map of your home on the Survey screen, or you can choose to use a blank canvas. Then, plot at least three points on the map, and click 'Stop Scan' to see the results. You may need to check the list of networks included in the scan, as NetSpot grabs all potential WiFi signals by default. To look at just your home WiFi, make sure that this is the only network selected. The Survey map reveals strong and weak points for the connected network, showing you where you might have some connectivity issues around your home.
The free version of the app offers this WiFi heat map as well as support for speed tests, multiple networks, and more. Multi-level homes would need to be tested in separate surveys or with one of the paid options for NetSpot, as the free option only allows for one zone per project. However, there is no limit on the number of projects you can have on the app. NetSpot Pro is available for $149, and the Enterprise plan costs $499, offering additional zones, users, and features. Users will need to have Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer to run the app.
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Download the latest version of NetSpot for Mac. Analyze and optimize nearby WiFi networks. NetSpot is a recommendable tool for in-depth analysis of the activity.

NetSpot Unlimited Enterprise

  1. NetSpot pro cracked for mac is Mac A very useful tool on the os platform that can help users diagnose network conditions. NetSpot for mac is a visual Wi-Fi wireless detection tool. The software is very simple and convenient to use, you can directly use any MacBook to collect visual WiFi data for analysis.
  2. We can recommend NetSpot as a cross-platform friendly solution for any level of user, especially since it has a free version you can start with and see how it all goes. NetSpot PRO or NetSpot Enterprise are highly valued by WiFi experts, so you can see this product is versatile enough for experts and amateurs alike. Definitely give it a try!

NetSpot Unlimited Enterprise is a professional online survey, internet, wireless, and troubleshooting application for Mac OS X and Windows only. It is an analysis, free Wi-Fi Internet. No need to be a network expert to improve Wi-Fi at home or in your office! All you need is your MacBook running Mac OS X 10.10+, or any laptop with Windows 7/8/10 and NetSpot Unlimited Enterprise that runs on any 802.11 network.
When working over a Wi-Fi network, you’ll need a research firm to optimize coverage, and you’ll need to understand the behavior of the radio frequency location. An effective way to get this information is through a wireless site. This will allow you to identify areas of the interference channel and dead spots, and will help you create a solid network.

NetSpot Unlimited Enterprise is an ideal assistant for cybersecurity professionals in finding and removing access point detection, alien station machine, avoid channel interference, cross and remove warnings to debtors of false positives. With netspot, you can also check the privacy settings (Open, WEP, and WPA / WPA2-personal / corporate), SSID is not broadcast, and WiFi signal strength. With all this work done properly, the wireless signal is less likely to spill out into the street where the driver may touch the war.


  • Collect Wi-Fi data directly from all networks around
  • View Station Information, Vendor Bitrate, Security Type, Tape, etc.
  • Signal level can be adjusted to the graph and display of interference
  • Detection mode is ideal for incident detection, wireless internet access in a specific area
  • Finding a channel is busy and less make up the majority of you.
  • The dBm bar is color coded to help quickly analyze all Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Save historical information about each access point to see you again
  • Too much A.P. around? Find the network quickly.
  • Create several regions for each project to show areas, floors, different levels, etc.
  • Create any number of pictures in each area to compare quickly on the Wi-Fi network in your settings.

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Netspot Pro Cracked


Netspot Pro Mac Serial

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