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Outlook 2016 Mac Export to Pst Simplified. In that case, you can convert Outlook Mac 2016 to Pst using a third party software. All you have to do is, first – export data to Olm file. Load that Olm file into the software, and convert it into Pst. Then, import that Pst file into Windows Outlook. Import a.pst file into Outlook 2016 for Mac from Outlook for Windows. Use Time Machine to automatically archive or back up items in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Note: In Outlook for Windows, older Outlook items are archived automatically on regular intervals, also known as AutoArchive. Windows版のOutlookでは、データファイルの場所がちゃんと記されていて、自由にそのファイルにアクセスすることができます。 しかし、Outlook 2016 for Macでは、データファイルの一覧をアプリ側から参照することはできません。 Outlook 2016 for Macのデータファイルの場所は以下にあ.

Outlook for Mac 2011. Outlook 2016 for Mac. Use different signatures for new messages and replies. Imports Outlook for Windows.pst. Imports Outlook for Mac.olm. Exports into.pst. Exports into.olm. Shows conversation view (a threaded view of e-mail messages in an Outlook folder) Yes.

Outlook For Mac 2016 Pst

Was wondering if you ever got an answer to this question from February? I am having the exact same issue and cannot currently find a workaround.

You are correct that everything assumes you are moving to Windows. I am not. I am running both my macs on windows 365 for mac and need to export that main_identity.rge file into the new version of Outlook for Mac 2016 with my entire folder architecture. If you have any additional insight here, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Sep 14, 2015 2:57 PM

Read about the Costless Manual Process of OLM to PST Migration

OLM file came into the existence when Microsoft released the Outlook email client version for Mac systems. OLM file stores all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, attachments, etc. of the user account in a structural format.

Apply manual OLM to PST Converter process:

You can perform a manual process by creating an IMAP enabled account in Gmail or any other webmail account. To migrate Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook PST manually, you have to follow these simple steps-

1. Create or open an existed Gmail account with some additional settings

Additional settings

  • Open Gmail account in a system
  • Select the Gear icon and then select the Settings option.
  • Move to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  • In this option, make sure the IMAP option is enabled. If it is not, then enable it by clicking on the Enable IMAP radio button.
  • Now click on the Save changes button from the bottom

2. Configure the account in Outlook for Mac email client.


After enabling the IMAP option in the Gmail account, now configure it in Outlook for Mac email client with IMAP email configuration method. To do this, follow these simple steps-

  • Open Mac for Outlook and go to Tools menu
  • Under Tools menu, select Accounts… (Last form the list) option.
  • From the Accounts Window >>click on + icon and then E-mail Account option.
  • Provide all the email account information in the respective fields.
  • This process will configure your account in Mac Outlook successfully.

3. Generate a Gmail Label

After configuring the Gmail account in Outlook for Mac 2011, get back to the Gmail account and follow the process to create a label for synchronizing your account in Mac Outlook.

  • Open the Gmail account, hit the Gear icon and click on the Settings options.
  • From the menu bar click on the Label option.
  • Under the Label option, click on the Create new Label button.
  • Provide a name to the label and set it Shown for the shown in IMAP box is checked.

4. Move Outlook for Mac 2011 emails into IMAP Account.

Outlook 2016 Mac Pst File Size Limit 2007

After generating a label in the Gmail account, get back to the Mac Outlook form moving OLM file emails in an IMAP folder.

  • Open Mac Outlook 2011 and right-click over the particular mailboxes you want to move.
  • Click on the Move option >>Copy to the folder.
  • Provide the IMAP folder name (Gmail label name) and click on the copy.
  • Click on the Send/receive button to get the OLM mailbox emails in the IMAP configured account
Outlook For Mac 2016 Pst

5. Configure MS Outlook 2016 for Windows.

This is the last and quite technical method to configure an email account in Outlook 2016 for Windows using the IMAP email configuration method.

  • Open Control Panel >> Click on the Mail option
  • Under the Mail Setup dialog box, click on the Email accounts button.
  • From the Account setting window, click on New under the Email tab..
  • Now choose Manual Setup or Additional Serer type option
  • Click on POP or IMAP option from the Add account window and click on the Next button.
  • Provide login details, incoming and outgoing server names in the respective fields and choose IMAP from the Account type option.
  • Click on the more setting button and in the Outgoing server tab check the checkbox of My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • In the advanced tab, fill 993 in Incoming Server (IMAP) and 465 in the Outgoing server (SMTP) and click on the Ok button.
  • In the last, hit the Next button and then click on the Finish button.

Note: IMAP email configuration method should be the same for the Outlook for Mac 2016 and MS Outlook for Windows.

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