Outlook For Mac Calendar Sync With Google


Today, Outlook 2016 for Mac is adding support for Google Calendar and Contacts—available first to our Office Insider Fast community. We’re excited to be delivering on these highly-requested features for Mac users and matching our Outlook apps for iOS and Android, providing Google Accounts with a more powerful way to stay in control of the day ahead.

While today marks the beginning of this rollout, we need your help to test drive and provide feedback on the experience. We will be closely managing the rollout to Insiders, expanding availability over the next several weeks, before becoming broadly available to Office 365 customers later this year.


Click on Calendar (on the top bar) - Preferences - Accounts - Click on your Google account you want to sync then at the „Refresh Calendar” set it to Manually. Save, then go to the Calendar App, click on View (Again on the top bar) and Manually Refresh the Calendar. Outlook for Mac sync with Google. Set up two-way sync between your Google account and Outlook for Mac. Simply add your Google credentials to our CompanionLink for Mac app. Our cloud service runs in the background. Changes in Google or on your Mac will automatically sync. Here's a setup guide. Outlook for Mac sync with phones. Advantages: Your PC Syncs to DejaCloud, DejaCloud connects to Google, and Google Syncs to your phone.This is a great choice if you require your Outlook for Mac data in Google Calendar and Contacts for other reasons. CompanionLink for Google sync can be. Download and install the GSSMO tool by Google to use Microsoft® Outlook® effectively with G Suite. Download free iCal calendars for 2020 with holidays. You can upload iCal 2020 calendar to Mac iCal, Outlook, Sunbird & Google Calendar. You can import / export, subscribe & share iCal Google calendar.

Note: These improvements will become available to those who have Office 365 plans that include Office applications.

More than just email

Outlook for Mac has long supported connecting to and managing your Gmail. With these updates, Outlook will now also sync your Google Calendars and Contacts. The experience will be very similar to what you are familiar with in Outlook today, with support for all the core actions—such as add, delete, edit time and location. All changes will update back and forth with Gmail or Outlook for iOS and Android, so everything is in sync across all your devices.

Bringing the best features of Outlook to your Gmail account

Up to now, many of Outlook’s best and most advanced email features have only been available to those with an Outlook.com, Office 365 or Exchange email address. With these updates, you will also be able to take advantage of several of Outlook’s advanced features with your Gmail account, including Focused Inbox and richer experiences for travel reservations and package deliveries. Additional advanced features will become available as we roll these updates out more broadly.

How to get started

Outlook 2016 for Mac users who are part of the Office Insider Fast program will be the first to try this new feature. To become an Insider, simply open up Outlook, click Help > Check for Updates and then follow the directions found here.

Not all Insiders will see the new Google Account experience right away. We will closely monitor feedback and expand the rollout over the next few weeks. Outlook will notify you when this feature becomes available, with a prompt asking you to add your Google Account. If you have an existing Google Account connected to Outlook, you can remove it after setting up the new experience.

If you ignore the initial prompt, you can add a Google Account at a later time by going to Tools > Accounts.

We are still fine-tuning the Google Account experience in Outlook for Mac and will provide regular updates to Insiders before releasing the features more broadly. You can help us improve the experience by providing feedback and identifying bugs by going to Help > Contact Support. See this list of known issues.

Got a suggestion for how to improve Outlook for Mac? Please suggest and vote on future feature ideas on our Outlook for Mac UserVoice page.

—The Outlook team

Calendar Sync Mac for Outlook and (iCal) Google Calendar (Free Download)

Calendar Sync for Mac is now available for download. Download Calendar Sync Mac app (updated April 20, 2017)

Buy Calendar Sync Pro for Mac. After making payment, go to download page, then click on the link that says 'Click here for Calendar Sync Pro for Mac'.

Calendar Sync for Mac app basically copies/syncs the events from your Outlook into your iCal, which is the default calendar app on Mac. So you need to add your Google/Gmail account in your iCal app.

Mac Calendar For Windows

It works like this - Outlook-->iCal app-->Google Calendar. (1 way and 2 way)

Here is how to get started.

Step 1: Setup iCal app on your MacOS to sync to your Google account.
Step 2: Configure our Calendar Sync app to connect to your Outlook.

Step 1: Setup iCal app to sync to your Google account.

1. Open your iCal app (Calendar icon on your Mac)


2. Calendar Menu-->Add Account -Select Google. click Continue

3. Enter your Google account details-->Setup

4. Choose 'Calendars' and complete the setup.

Step 2: Configure our Calendar Sync app to connect to your Outlook.

1. Download Calendar Sync Mac app

2. Extract and you will see 'OutlookCalSync.app'. Just run it.

3. Select your iCal calendar (setup in Step.1 above) and select your Outlook Calendar. Click Save Settings.

4. Choose your sync direction - Outlook to Google or Google to Outlook or 2way sync. Google-->Outlook direction works only when your iCalendar is set to sync with Google calendar.

5. Click Start.

This is a free version and only picks up the next 30 days of events

Unable to open the app ? See this link for instructions - Open an app from an unidentified developer

Email [email protected] for any issues. Attach a screenshot and/or the Log file in your email.

Calendar Sync Pro Features: (windows version)Buy Calendar Sync Pro. Just US$9.99

Supports deletions in both Outlook and Google Calendar in 2way sync direction.
- Option to sync only upcoming/future Outlook appointments and Google Calendar events. This option is available in both 1way and 2way sync directions.

- Customisable Date range to Sync: Use From/To Date range to Sync. From dd/mm/yyyy -to- To dd/mm/yyyy or From any date to All future events.

- Choose any Outlook Calendar.
- Add to Windows Startup
- Enable Notification in system tray
- No 30 day event range limitation. Sync all appointments/events.

- Option to Skip Attendees, Skip Description, Skip Reminders/Notifications
- Sync Outlook Categories/Colors to Google Calendar
- Setup multiple Profiles: Sync multiple outlook calendars to multiple calendars in one google account.
Do not sync multiple google calendars with the same outlook calendar.

Pay and Download Calendar Sync Pro instantly. Portable version (zipped) is also available for download after payment. Zipped version does not require administrator access on your computer since there is no need to install it.

Calendar Sync Pro with deletions in 2way sync and more options is available for just US$9.99.

Privacy: No data is sent to external servers or any third party. Sync happens between the Calendar Sync software in your PC and Google. Your personal information is secure, safe with Google.

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Outlook For Mac Calendar Sync With Google Calendar

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Outlook For Mac Calendar Sync With Google

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