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LG PC Suite for Mac. Manage, update, back up your devices in one place. Free Publisher: LG Electronics USA Downloads: 1,293. Free Kindle for PC. Read ebooks on your Windows personal. What is LG PC Suite? LG PC Suite is an official phone manager software and it is also known as LG Bridge. It is an official tool from LG which is available for Windows & Mac OS. It is used to connect LG phones with Computers for sharing data between LG devices and computers. The tool is also used for taking backup of LG phones and update software.

Life's Good -- LG. LG is a multinational company based from South Korea. It is a consumer Electronics company. LG's production and market share is very large since it has a variety of products. Its products range from LG cellular devices to LG's home appliances and TVs.

Our articles targets LG's cellular devices product. LG has been producing cellular devices since a long time. LG has produced the cellphones which relate to every spectrum of price range as well as functionalities. However, most of the LG phones now being manufactured are based on the popular Android Operating System. Android based phones are complex in nature, and the data being moved in and out of such smart phones are in large quantities.

Sometimes, the amount of data becomes material, either quantitatively, but mostly qualitatively. So what can a person do if that person owns a LG smartphone and wants to secure the data being stored on his/her LG phone?

-> The answer to this question is LG PC suite for Mac/ LG PC suite for Windows software.

What Does a PC Suite do for LG Phones?

PC suite for LG basically requires the phone to be connected with the PC or Mac in which LG PC suite for Windows or LG PC suite for Mac is being installed, respectively. It helps in exploring the phone, backing up the data, move or delete things, contacts, text messages, everything.

Let's get to know about LG PC suite.

Part 1: The Best LG PC Suite for MAC & Windows -- Wondershare TunesGo

This is the best LG PC Suite for Mac and Windows chosen by us. Wondershare TunesGo is free to download (trial version) LG PC suite. A comparison can be easily made between LG's own PC suite, and TunesGo by Wondershare PC suite by looking at the features of both software.

LG PC suite for Mac and Windows -TunesGo by Wondershare can be used to manage and organize the data stored on your LG phone as well as many other functions. Synchronization is possible with advanced compatibility settings. Out of many other options, Wondershare TunesGo has been chosen as the best alternative PC suite for LG phones.

The Best LG PC Suite - One Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Files on LG Phones

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS etc. to computer and restore them easily.
  • Manage, export&import your Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer.
  • One-click Root - Root your Android phones/tablets to take full control of your device.
  • Phone to Phone Transfer - Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported).
  • App Manager - Install, uninstall, import or backup Apps in batch.
  • Gif Maker - Create Gif from photos, motion photos, videos.
  • iTunes Manager - Sync iTunes Music to Android or transfer music from Android to iTunes
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 - Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony etc.

Interface of the PC suite for LG - Wondershare TunesGo looks like:


  • Best LG PC suite for Mac and Windows. All-in-one package.
  • Compatible with every Android LG Phone.
  • Easily connect to any Android LG phone.
  • Advanced options such as Rooting, Gif Maker and One Click Backup.
  • Nice Interface.
  • Mac and Windows - works on both.


  • Paid license when the free trial period expires. This is a bummer. But look at the bright side - It is so good that money would not matter. The lifetime license can be purchased for $29.95.

Part 2: LG PC Suite for Mac and Windows

Developed & Published by: LG Electronics Inc.

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LG PC Suite is a software to work as LG PC Suite for Mac, as well as LG PC Suite for Windows. This product was developed by LG itself. It helps the users to synchronize the data being stored on their LG phones, with their own personal Computers or Macs.

Here's a picture showing you the user interface of LG PC suite for Mac and Windows:


Let's take a look at the MAIN FEATURES of LG PC Suite for Mac and for Windows:

  1. Upgrade Phone Software: LG PC Suite for Mac and Windows can upgrade the software being installed and run on your LG phone to the latest update available depending upon some factors such as career locking stuff. This is a great feature if you don't receive an OTA update or if you want to download and install the update right away on your LG phone.
  2. Manage Photos: Managing photos with LG PC suite for Mac and Windows is very easy. You can select the photos, preview them, move photos between PC or Mac and LG Phone. You can also delete and add photos to your LG phone.
  3. Manage Multimedia: Multimedia management is a built-in plugin for LG phones in this LG PC suite for Mac and Windows. It recognizes all the multimedia content whether in audio, in video or any other format. Then you can move, delete, add and transfer such Multimedia content being stored on your LG phone.
  4. Sync Contacts: This is a very important feature which can be found in almost every PC Suite for every phone. However, managing your contacts and syncing them with outlook or such other apps. There is an option to make a back up of your contacts stored on LG device. You can preview, delete, add, move, rename and edit the contacts once they are being recognized with this LG PC Suite for Mac and Windows.
  5. Sync Calendar: LG PC suite for Mac and Windows provides users to even sync the calendar on their cellular LG devices to the calendars of Mac or PC respectively. Now your marked up holidays and other events would also be accessible from your personal PC or Mac.
  6. Smart Share: Smart Share is a unique feature being introduced in LG PC suite for Mac and Windows by LG. This feature lets the users of LG Smartphones wirelessly share and cast the multimedia being stored on their LG smart phones to a compatible TV or any other screen. Smart Share is also compatible with home internet cloud and the sharing possibilities are awesome.
  7. Applications: LG PC suite for Mac and Windows lets the users of LG Smartphones download and install applications from application store on their LG phones.


  • The LG PC suite by LG is compatible with both MAC and Windows Operating systems for PC's.
  • Authenticity check. Since it's a LG PC suite for Mac and Windows, and the target devices are from the same company.
  • Smart Share is a unique and great feature which cannot be usually found in any other PC suites.
  • Software upgrading feature is something to look to.


  • It is great PC suite but a lot of more cool stuff is missing which can be found in other than LG's own PC Suite.


Pc Suite Lg Mac

1. If you have a LG phone and you don't know how to do deal with advanced features, then you can opt for LG PC Suite made by LG itself. It will allow you to fully manage your phone upto the extent to which a basic Smart Phone user can go. However, do keep in mind while Updating the software of LG phone through LG PC Suite that it is going to cost you badly if you're a user of LG smart phone which is career locked, in a foreign country.

2. If you have ANY of the LG smart phones which are based on Android OS, then go for Wondershare TunesGo for sure! It's simple but it is also the most advanced LG PC suite for Mac and Windows. The options such as One Click Backup, One Click Recovery and such other features are the easiest ones for any basic user as well. And there are other technical and more advanced options such as Rooting. Therefore, it is a complete Package. So, if you're willing to have a complete and all in one LG PC suite for Mac and Windows - Wondershare TunesGo is the best choice for you.

Many LG users demand for a one-stop data manager program for their LG G4/G3/G3 Vigor/G2/G Vista/G Vista™/ G FLEX2 and so on. They hope to manage data, transfer files, backup and restore phones, etc. easily with one setup , which is like Kies for Samsung users, iTunes for iOS users, and so on. Now their dream comes true! LG PC Suite, a program for managing everything on LG mobile phone, is available!

Top 5 Features of LG PC Suite

1. Mobile Data Manager
LG PC Suite is a mobile data manager program for LG phones. You can delete old data, add new files, and move mobile files with the software on your computer.
2. Transfer and Sync LG Files
LG PC suite is able to sync and transfer data between LG smartphone and your Windows/Mac computer. The program allows you to send media contents between LG and the computer, such as photos, music, and videos. However, the program does not support call log and message transmission. So, if you are intended to transfer call logs and messages, turn to Phone Transfer.
3. Back Up and Restore LG Data
LG PG Suite is capable of backing up mobile data to computer. If you are too unfortunate to lose your mobile data, you can restore it with a previous backup. If you haven’t made a backup, you can recover your deleted files with Android Data Recovery.

Pc Suite For Mac Lg User

4. Upgrade LG Operating System
Once you plug your LG device into the phone, the program will detect whether the operating system is the latest version. Then you can upgrade your LG operating system with the help of the program.
5. Media Player
Besides, LG PC Suite also acts as a media player that allows you to smoothly play songs, movies, TV series, videos, music videos etc on your computer from a portable device.
Download and Manual of LG PC Suite
Go to LG official website where you can download LG PC Suite. Then you can find your version of the program by selecting your model (Instead of LG PC Suite, LG Bridge will be recommended to LG G4). After installing, you can connect your phone to the computer and start the journey.
LG PC Suite is a one-in-all tool to manage your LG data. However, some users complain that they cannot connect their phone to the program. During the test, I also encounter the same issue. If you also come across such situation, you can turn to other programs. You can transfer LG files with Phone Transfer, back up data with Android Transfer, and restore your phone via Android Data Recovery.

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