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Need a PDF annotator for Mac? If you need to add comments or markup your PDF files, it's necessary to find the right PDF annotation software to use. PDF has become the standard document format for sharing information, whether in the business or academic realm. Whether it's contracts, projects, financial sheets, receipts, or reports you're creating, chances are you'll be sending it to others in PDF format. Even textbooks are now usually in PDF format. To work more efficiently, a PDF annotation tool is essential. Wondering how to annotate a PDF on Mac? In this article, we'll introduce the best PDF annotator Mac - PDFelement.

How to Annotate A PDF on Mac

Step 1. Add Comments to PDF


To add comments to your PDF, click on the 'Markup' tab and select the 'Sticky Note' tool. Then click on the PDF page to add a sticky note comment to it. Double-click on the yellow comment area to start entering content.

Step 2. Highlight/Strikethrough/Underline PDF

PDFelement Pro (Mac/Windows) PDFelement Pro is a great PDF application allowing you to make. PDFelement Pro - Clean and Powerful PDF Editor. PDFelement Pro is one of the best programs for. The best PDF editors at a glance. Our pick: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Simplest editor: Microsoft Word.

Click on the 'Highlight' button in the 'Markup' tab. Then choose the text you want to highlight. Yellow is the default highlight color. You can change it if you'd like.

If you want to strikethrough or underline text in your PDF, you can click the 'Strikethrough' or the 'Underline' button.


Step 3. Add Stamp and Signature to PDF

Go to the 'Markup' tab and choose the 'Stamp' button. A pop-up window will appear. You can choose whichever stamp you'd like.

To add a signature, once again go to the 'Markup' tab and choose the 'Signature' icon. You should click on the 'Plus' icon in the pop-up window. From there you can choose a signature you've already created or you can free-hand draw a new signature.

If you want to make simple annotations to your PDF document, then you also can use Preview, which is the default PDF program on Mac. It is a free program, though it is meant more as a PDF reader than a PDF editor or annotator. If you need to do more than simple annotations in your PDF, you'll likely need a professional PDF annotator for Mac.

Video on How to Annotate PDFs on Mac

PDFelement is a user-friendly PDF tool, which allows you to annotate PDF files intuitively. All the annotation tools are displayed easily on the toolbar for you to select. Additionally, you can personalize the toolbar by dragging and dropping your most commonly used tools onto it. It is a simple, professional, yet affordable PDF annotator. Test out the trial version to see whether it is the right tool for you.

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