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QuickTime Player supports standard CEA-608 closed captions. Version 7.1.6 or higher is required to. Sep 17, 2020 The codecs mentioned can also be regarded as additional functionality that would make the Quicktime playback smooth and will also get the best outcome in this regard. Top 5 QuickTime codecs. Below are the top 5 codecs that a user needs to install to ensure that the functionality is embedded within the program.

Hi, I want to play MKV files on my Mac with QuickTime player. I've already downloaded DivX Codec for mac but QT still can't open MKV.


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MKV (Matroska) is not a codec—it is a modern, extensible, open standard Multimedia container. Installing the Perian codec package will normally allow QT 7 to play and QT X to convert MKV files—but only if your system is configured with the codecs need to support the data in the MKV file container. In addition, QT 7 (which is a program stream media player) will often have to read through then entire file before it may begin playback. (With something like a 30-minute DVD TV episode, this can take a while. With a feature length Blu-ray movie—forget it.) Your best solution for almost all MKV files is to use an FFmpeg-based media player like VLC, NicePlayer, MPlayerX, Blu-ray Player, or similar apps that will begin playback immediately and support common compression formats used in MKV files.