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'As a CEO it is great to have another impartial set of eyes looking over your shoulder and holding you accountable. I always leave our meetings with new ideas on how to improve the performance of my company.'
Bill Adams,
Adams Realtors
​Atlanta, GA

If we were to start with WHY, you might ask:
'Why would I want to be in a peer based advisory group?'
'Why a Ritamac group?'
'Why are the meetings structured the way they are?'
'Why has she been providing peer based advisory groups for 18 years?'
'Why are Ritamac groups for businesses with revenues under One Million Dollars?
​'Why do members stay in a Ritamac group so long?'
What is a Peer Advisory Group?
Often they are defined as a group of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with the common goal and purpose to join together to support each other, hold each other accountable, and celebrate success. Examples of peer-based advisory groups are: Vistage, TAB (The Alternative Board), and Renaissance Executive Forums. All for businesses with revenues over one million dollars.
CEOs and small business owners join peer based advisory groups because they want to grow their business and their leadership skills. They want to be held accountable by a group of peers to achieve the goals they set for their business, they want help making better decisions, they want to grow both personally and professionally, they want to learn how to embrace change, and they want relief from the isolation of being the CEO.
Peer advisory groups are NOT for networking and marketing, they are NOT a leads generating group, they are NOT a service club, they do NOT do fund raisers. They are for those who seriously want to grow their business effectively, efficiently, and consistently. Ritamac groups are all about leaders who want to work smarter not harder.
Ritamac, Inc. provides business owners with revenues under One Million Dollars with high quality CEO peer groups designed and priced for small business owners.
Check out the tabs to learn more about Rita and Ritamac groups.
To determine if a Ritamac group is right for you,contact usat 858-524-4249 or email [email protected]
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