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Using Smart Mac Care, you can thoroughly uninstall Roblox and perform other Mac cleaning, optimization, and virus removal tasks. Compatible with OS X 10.9 and higher versions, this best Mac Cleaner uninstalls apps, clean junk files, removes app cache, helps manage startup items, and does a lot more. Steps to Delete Roblox 1. ©2020 Roblox Corporation. Roblox, the Roblox logo and Powering Imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. And other countries.

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See the information in the Firewall and Router Issues help article for assistance on allowing access to Roblox. Repeat the reinstallation steps after reconfiguring the firewall. Mac Users: Uninstalling. Make sure you're completely out of the Roblox program. Follow the instructions to uninstall Roblox for Mac.

Roblox Studio is a child-friendly, creative development platform. Users of all ages can design and create their own games or play one of many created by their fellow users.

Fun and games

Design or play one of many popular creations built by users just like you in Roblox Studio.

Roblox is well known as a platform for fan-made games and a fun, friendly atmosphere that welcomes kids of all ages. To keep Roblox safe for younger users, they review each item before it’s submitted to the marketplace and follow reports on users who abuse the terms of service.

Create anything you can imagine in Roblox Studio using the Lau coding language. It’s a bit of a challenge to learn, but it’s all worth it if your game rises to the top of the charts.

Most of them fall into four categories, namely the FPS, tycoon, parkour/lobby, and fighting sections. You’ll even find games based on your favorite shows, like Pokemon.

With a customizable avatar, you can express yourself, whether quirky or macho, it’s all possible. To get some of the better-looking items, however, you’ll need to purchase Robux. Robux is the premium currency for Roblox and can also be used to buy special features within the creations.

The games normally don’t require a high-end system to run. Roblox is full of code from amateurs, hobbyists, or learners, and the games can have a long load time depending on how powerful your computer is.

Where can you run this program?

You can run Roblox on a Windows 7 and newer or Mac OS:10.9 and later systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No, there is no other platform like Roblox available. It gives you the power to make and share your game while having fun playing the stuff that others have made.

Our take

Roblox Studio is great for players and amateur game developers alike. Even some professionals are getting in on the action. The community is maintained very well. While the programming language can be a challenge, it’s no more difficult than C++ or some other languages out there

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s a fun, lightweight game platform. And if you’re into game creation, Roblox Studio offers tools for beginners and professionals.



Roblox For Mac Desktop

ROBLOX puts great effort into developing unified code that runs across multiple platforms — PC, Mac and soon iPad — on a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. This summer, as we ratcheted up development efforts for ROBLOX on mobile devices and tablets, we found the software we use to compile our code was only compatible with either Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or mobile devices. We were faced with a tough decision: maintain a separate code base for OS X 10.5 or discontinue support for it.

Roblox For Macbook Air

In the interest of unified code, fast updates and future expansion to more platforms, we have opted to discontinue support for OS X 10.5. The change will take effect in the next two weeks.

OS X 10.5 users will still be able to browse and participate in all web-based features. Our analytics show less than 1% of ROBLOX players use OS X 10.5. If this change affects you and you’d like to continue playing and building games, we recommend you update your Mac’s operating system to at least OS X 10.6.

We want to make sure all ROBLOX users on OS X 10.5 have the option of continuing to play and build. We’ve contacted Apple, and the easiest update path is to call and purchase the latest operating system update on physical media. They will also be able to tell you whether your system can handle a more recent version of OS X.

Q. Why is ROBLOX discontinuing support for Mac OS X 10.5?

A. We would have to maintain a separate code base for Mac OS X 10.5 because the software we use to compile code for OS X 10.5 is not compatible with that of mobile devices. At this time, we are prioritizing a unified code base and development of ROBLOX for mobile devices.

It’s worth noting that Apple no longer supports OS X 10.5, nor do many common desktop applications, like Chrome and Firefox.

Roblox For Macbook

Q: I have a Mac. How can I tell if I’m running Mac OS X 10.5?

A: Go to the Apple Menu, then click About this Mac. If it says less than “Version 10.6”, you will need to upgrade to keep playing and building in ROBLOX.

Q. How can I update my Mac to keep playing ROBLOX?

A. You can call Apple direct at 1 800 MY APPLE to purchase an OS X update, delivered via physical media. They will tell you whether your system can handle the latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Roblox For Macintosh


Q. Can I still browse on Mac OS X 10.5?

A. Yes. You can continue to browse the website and participate in all our social and economy features.

Roblox For Mac Desktop

Q. Who should I contact with questions?

A. If you have any problems to report, please email [email protected]