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It has gone on to inspire some of the greatest titles of our generation with games including Deus Ex® and Bioshock® Discover how a haunting story, innovative game-play and a terrifying atmosphere has made System Shock™ 2 one of the greatest games of all time.The Mac OS and Linux versions of System Shock 2 use a technology called 'WINE' to function on those operating systems. System Shock has DOS4GW bound to each of its executables. Use the command sb /r sshock.exe or cdshock.exe to replace it. System Shock Portable/SSPTool. A useful tool for those who don't own Enhanced Edition. Was formerly a community made abandonware package of the full game, though this was later changed to require the user to provide the game.

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  1. System Shock
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Description of System Shock

Looking Glass Technologies' magnum opus before 1998's acclaimed Thief was a vast improvement over the earlier classics Ultima Underworld series.

One of the most sought-after underdogs of all time, System Shock is sci-fi action/RPG at its best, featuring vast gameworld, gripping plot centered around a sentient computer gone awry, plenty of high-tech gadgets, and puzzles that integrate seamlessly with well-designed 3D levels. The only downsides are the less-than-intuitive controls and uninspiring cyberspace design. Otherwise, a true classic in every respect.

Note: you can download zip file of game maps here. Also, if you think you have done everything there is to do in the game, the excellent hacker's guide to sin will change your mind ;)

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GMANATOR2018-04-120 point

I enjoyed the game for what it is. I played both floppy and cd versions.
The controls are a little clunky. It controls like a space simulator.

System shock 2 for mac

Guy Fawkes2017-03-172 points

Mods for SystemShock can be found at including SystemShock Portable, an all-in-one launcher with dosbox.
I also found 3 versions of the Enhanced CD release on webarchive here:

Brickface2016-04-112 points

Before you download this, you should know what you're getting. This is the floppy disk version of the game, which has lower quality music and no voice-overs. plus, people are not making mods for it, so if you want mouselook, good luck altering the code yourself. All in all, it's incredibly inferior. I'd only recommend this version if you have no money. But, you're using a computer, so you probably can come up with ten dollars to buy the enhanced edition on GOG.

kissKIZZkiss2016-02-130 point

yes SS2 is much better, but give credit where credit is due, this game was pretty much unlike anything else when it first came out, it was REVO...... hmmm, what's that word? well it was that!

Razor4402014-12-053 points DOS version

If you watched LazyGamerReview's YouTube video, clearly he loves the game.

doomguy212014-10-12-3 points DOS version

I found this very clunky. System Shock 2 is incredible, though. It's just this one that's a bit... blegh.

Tuaam2014-09-191 point DOS version

System Shock 2 Macarena


Busta2014-05-230 point DOS version

this game rocked!!! everytime is listen the Beuamont Hannant's Texturology i think of system shock. I guess i played it a lot while listening to it

spock2014-05-152 points DOS version

I recommend getting system shock portable, because it includes a mouse look mod that makes the game easier to play.

RegalSin2014-03-191 point DOS version

This game was only recenlty released in 1994, Around 1994, many of the technologies that is used in 3d gaming, including exHD, multiprocessing, 3d ( without glasses ), and many other things, was around during this time.
The original Playstation and Sega Saturn was also launched. This thing is running on pure DOS, which would be a bitch to run on the Playstation or Saturn, and achieve the results of a DOS game.
Imagine if it was programmed for a 3d game console at the time, chances are it would have been ignored, compared to DOOM.
Playing this game looks lik

Zyyz2013-11-136 points DOS version

Bioshock must NOT be compared with this master piece. Bioshock has nothing on this title.
Sure this title may be old, but even today, it delivers better game play and 'horror' moments then most games today because of limited controls, limited graphics and limited Field of View.
The Graphics leaves much to the imagination, the limited controls leaves you surprised in many situations because it's hard to react fast with the clonky yet perfect controls. And the 74 FOV makes it hard to be prepared.
The Atmosphere of the game keeps pushing you to the edge of the seat and the darn annoying yet perfect villain, the rampant A.I. Is so well done it's kind of scary, even for a game this old.
I'm a System Shock Fan, and my 3D art and drawings and things i make in Sandbox games clearly depicts this!

jim55692013-08-120 point DOS version

epic game!

a2012-09-13-1 point DOS version

Man I've played this game back in 1994 on a 386... super long loading times due to slow harddrives. Anyway this game is way ahead in delivering a claustrophobic horror atmosphere than any of it's spiritual successors like SS2 or BioShock and shit. This is the best game out of the series bar none!

TheHacker2012-07-303 points DOS version

A simply amazing title. Full of suspense, horror, and more. A must-download for any Bioshock fan.

the slayer2012-02-081 point DOS version

a great horror game

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