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Hello, my name is Robert Pound and I'm a Product Technologist for Quest. This video will cover the basic installation of Toad Edge on Mac. For additional details and installation options, refer to the installation guide. So to begin with the download, first we need to navigate to which is here at the top, and select the Downloads tab to see all the different downloads available on Toad World. But we're interested in Toad Edge, so let me go ahead and click Select. You will be presented with a page that details the differences between the trial version and a freeware version. And you can get to the products page at the bottom if you want to purchase the product outright or find out more information on Toad Edge. But I'm going go ahead and click Get the Trial. And we will be asked to enter some information. When entering in our email address ensure that it's an email associated with a Quest account, or remember it so that you can create a Quest account when we get to the login page. And once we enter in our information we accept the license agreement and choose Download Trial. We will then be directed to the Quest download page for the free trial. We also have the ability to check out the release notes and the installation guide which has more details about installation as well as the pre-reqs. I have the installation guide here. And if we look at it real quick-- I just wanted to show the prerequisites. So you need a minimum of 4 gig of RAM, a dual core processor, and roughly 500 megabytes of additional space. And you need a newer operating system for Mac. So let's go ahead and start the download. And once the download is complete, we open up the downloads and double-click on the package. And we're presented with a wizard walking us through the steps. So I'll go ahead and click Continue on the welcome page. And I will click Continue. And I will be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement. So I will select Agree. And this is going to be installed on the Macintosh hard drive. So let me go ahead and click Install. And the installation will successful. So I will close out the wizard. And then if we open up the finder, under Applications, we can see that it's installed. So if I double-click on the app. At this point you're asked to enter in your credentials. And these are the same credentials that you used to download the free trial. If you do not have an account, you can choose Sign up for a new account here, and you will enter in your information and then verify your email address. So there you have it. A quick overview of installation of Toad Edge on Mac. Hopefully this was helpful. For more information on this or other topics you can check out the community driven innovation going on For more information on this product, go to Thank you, and have a great day.

Toad For Mac Os


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The latest version of Toad is 2.4 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for DB in the Developer Tools category. The app is developed by Dell Software Pty Ltd. Download Toad for Mac 2.3.6 for Mac. Fast downloads of the latest free software!