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Touch Unlock for Mac 1.0.7 is available as a free download on our application library. The actual developer of this free Mac application is Touch Unlock. The application lies within Security Tools, more precisely Personal Security. Majority of Mac models are supported between 2010 to 2017. Some 2010 models, removing the RAM clears the password without needing any device. Most 2016 and 2017 models are supported and tested including Macbook 12″ A1534, Macbook Pro Touch A1706, A1707 and A1708. Unlox is a beautiful redesign of MacID - the original and best app for unlocking your Mac with your fingerprint, wrist, and now your face. Re-built in Swift for beauty, speed and reliability, Unlox is fully compatible and optimised for Face ID on iPhone X. Touch ID on an iOS device is a convenient method for unlocking apps and the device itself, and now you can use it to unlock your Mac. Jason Cipriani Jan. 19, 2015 3:57 p.m. Unlock Mac using Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch recently released, many companies have come forth with new apps for it. Knock is one such Apple Watch app, which includes a Touch to Unlock feature that allows you to unlock your Mac with just a touch of a button on the Apple Watch.

Learn how to set up and use Touch ID to unlock 1Password on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with your fingerprint.

Set up Touch ID

Before you can set up Touch ID in 1Password, you’ll need to set up Touch ID on your Mac. Then follow these steps:

Unlock Mac With Apple Watch

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Choose 1Password > Preferences from the menu bar, and click Security.
  3. Select “Allow Touch ID to unlock 1Password”.

Now you can use your fingerprint to unlock 1Password. But don’t forget your Master Password. Sometimes you’ll need to enter it instead of using Touch ID.

Use Touch ID

After setting up Touch ID, open 1Password or use 1Password in your browser.

If 1Password is locked, you’ll see a message that “1Password is trying to unlock.” To unlock 1Password, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

If you don’t see the prompt to use Touch ID, click the Touch ID button on the lock screen.

Manage your settings

To change how often your Master Password is required instead of your fingerprint, choose 1Password > Preferences from the menu bar, and click Security.

  • Require Master Password: If you want 1Password to require your Master Password instead of Touch ID after a specific amount of time, change this setting.

Learn more about automatically locking 1Password.

Get help

Sometimes you’ll need to enter your Master Password instead of using Touch ID:

  • If your fingerprint isn’t recognized three times in a row
  • If you’re trying to change your Master Password
  • If the amount of time in Preferences > Security > Require Master Password has elapsed

If you still need help, follow these steps. Try again after each step:

Unlock Mac Password

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of 1Password.
  2. Make sure that you are able to use Touch ID to unlock your Mac.
  3. Try enrolling a different finger.

Touch ID requires a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with Touch ID.

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Dear community!

As far as I understand, this problem exists for more than 2 years, after release of new MacBooks in 2016.

For now, what situation do I have: I want to change my current laptop, and I thought for a really long time towards MacBook Pro (and still I do same)... but. A few days ago I found on a net dozens of posts, where people, which use Windows as their main OS and have switched to Macbook, have problems with logging to Windows using Touch ID (Windows Hello). And, as I understood, BootCamp does not provide such functionality, and no one, which use Macbook Pro with Windows 10 cant login using Touch ID. And, as for me, it's really terrible when you buy very expensive brand device and you can't just log into OS with your finger (not writing a password). It's really faster, more secure and better. Actually, I dont want to buy any other Windows laptop, because I really love functionality and abilities of Macbook Pro. But, I want to stay secure with my new notebook.

So, here's the question: how can I do that? How can I log into a Windows on a Macbook Pro with TouchID? Does Apple provide any solution to this problem? Does any drivers or apps exists for Windows, which provide TouchID work with Windows Hello, as on any other Windows laptop? Thank you!

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, Windows 10

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