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Today’s article is about “How to use an iOS device as secondary Monitor for PC Or Mac”. Do you think there is only one way to get the second monitor, just by purchasing new monitor? Have you ever thought the iOS device can do the same thing? Do you want to try it? Learn how to use an iOS device as the second monitor for your PC or Mac with the help of the simple and easy method that will help you to monitor each activity of your PC with the extra screen that will be your iPhone/iPod. Follow the guide each, one by one.

As we know every computer consist of a single monitor, Beside the display screen quired to view all activities being performed by the system and most of the basic users would not need to connect more than one monitor to their computer for any purpose. But sometime we might have the advanced technical task on the computer by the professionals. Then What we should do we would need another or better monitor to view or to preceded our work. In spite of buying another monitor, we suggest you to use your iOS device as the secondary monitor.

May 18, 2020 Thanks for the info, guys. Looks like the Macbook as a second monitor is out. We have an older desktop monitor for the PC. I'm out of town for a while, but I'll have her see what model it is and see if that'll work. Doing this on the phone with her is rough. She doesn't follow directions that well. Jul 20, 2020 How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor on Any Computer. Sidecar in macOS Catalina turns your iPad into a second display with just a few clicks, but it's limited to certain Macs and iPads.


How to Use iOS Device as a Second Monitor for PC or MAC

Step #1: First of all you need to install an app named Duet display on your iOS device and duet display for PC or Mac. Or you can use iDisplay.

Step #2: When you’ve installed software, then Plug your device to PC or Mac, r you can either do it with same WiFi network.

Step #3: In this step, you need to launch both the app on your iPhone and on your PC and let the app to connect.

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Step #4: In this step, you’ve launched both, Then you need to set display settings on your Mac or PC, in that case right click on desktop and select Display Settings.

Step #5: Then you’ll see the first and second screen. The second screen is your iOS screen, select the area where you wanna place to project the screen on that side.

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Step #6: Now in the system tray. Click on duet display icon and there set the settings that you want to set for your iPhone and PC.


Step #7: That’s it! You are done. With this, your iOS device will be working as a second monitor for your Windows or MAC PC.

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So above article was about how to use the iOS device as the second monitor. In the next article, we’ll show you how to use Android device as a secondary monitor. The apps I mentioned for making a monitor with PC is a paid app. But you can get it Free with Tungbu app. Hope you’ve got something from this article, if you’ve faced any issue inform us, please.

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Can I Use My Mac As Monitor

James Clarke from the Windows team rolled into a meeting today with two Surfaces...but one had no keyboard. Then, without any ceremony, he proceeded to do this:

Now, I consider myself a bit of a Windows Productivity Tips Gourmand, and while I was aware of Miracast and the general idea of a Wireless Display, I didn't realize that it worked this well and that it was built into Windows 10.

Adding a second monitor

In fact, I'm literally sitting here in a hotel with a separate USB3 LCD display panel to use as a second monitor. I've also used Duet Display and used my iPad Pro as a second monitor.

I usually travel with a main laptop and a backup laptop anyway. Why do I lug this extra LCD around? Madness. I had this functionality all the time, built in.

Use your second laptop as a second monitor

On the machine you want to use as a second monitor, head over to Settings System Projecting to this PC and set it up as you like, considering convenience vs. security.

Then, from your main machine - the one you are projecting from - just hit Windows Key+P, like you were projecting to a projector or second display. At the bottom, hit Connect to a Wireless Display.

How To Add A Second Monitor

Then wait a bit as it scans around for your PC. You can extend or duplicate...just like another monitor...

...because Windows thinks it IS another monitor.

You can also do this with Miracast TVs like my LG, or your Roku or sometimes Amazon Fires, or you can get a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and HDMI to any monitor - even ones at hotels!

NOTE: It's not super fast. It's sometimes pixelly and sometimes slow, depending on what's going on around you. But I just moved Chrome over onto my other machine and watched a YouTube video, just fine. I wouldn't play a game on it, but browsing, dev, typing, coding, works just fine!

Get ready for this. You can ALSO use the second machine as a second collaboration point! That means that someone else could PAIR with you and also type and move their mouse. THIS makes pair programming VERY interesting.

Here's a video of it in action:

Literally just learned from @Clarkezone that I could use an extra laptop AS AN EXTENDED MONITOR. Built into Windows 10!

— Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) October 18, 2017

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I used two Surfaces, but I also have extended my display to a 3 year old Lenovo without issues.

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Using Mac As Second Monitor For Pc

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