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  1. Front Row given a back seat If you’re still sitting in front of a Mac running Leopard or Snow Leopard, give Command-Escape a push. If you likewise purchased the first Apple TV fairly early on.
  2. One of the features that Apple removed from OS X with the release of Lion is the Front Row feature, which allowed Macs to be used as media stations for viewing movies, photos, TV shows,.

The first message is not an issue (Front Row is not supposed to be started from a double-click), but the second gives the answer: Front Row does not launch because it checks to see if the Apple IR remote is present. So the solution is to fool the system into thinking there is an IR remote. It can be done by a simple edit of a plist file.

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I tried Case 1, but at first nothing happened except getting an error mesage.
I then Repaired Permissions and it now works.

I've seen these instructions posted elsewhere but didn't want to bother digging around in important files at the time.
What if you use a Logitech mouse with SteerMouse instead of LCC?

I have the same configuration, so I'm also interested in how to get Front Row running on the Mac Pro.

in case of a Logitech mouse without LCC, you have to find which extension is used.
I guess that SteerMouse installs its own extension (something like /Library/Extensions/SteerMouse.kext) ; you have to find it and edit the plist inside this.

...and it works ! Thanks ! :]

I have a BT Mighty Mouse and followed the instructions in case 1. Unfortunately nothing happens when I hit command+esc. When I try opening Front Row in the CoreServices folder I also still get the error that I don't have a remote. I really don't know what to do. Please help!

You have 2 solutions:
- use case 3 (find a basic non BT Apple mouse and plug it on USB)
- try to find which extension is used for BT mouses and hack it

somebody should write a driver for one of them cheap usb IrDA sticks which would fit nicely in the front slot.

Or even nicer, a driver that supports the Remote Controls shipped with various DVB-T sticks (like the Miglia Mini TV).

um... if you have miglia remote, then you can control frontrow can't you? new eyetv at least suports front row.

Pour ceux qui préfèrent l'astuce en français :
(for those who'd like to read it in French)
One more tip, I didnt think to do this sooner. If you STILL have trouble after doing all the above like I did, go to Apple menu> Security, and uncheck the 'Disable remote control infrared receiver.' Close it and you should now be able to instantly hit Command + Esc to get Front Row. Screen Grab at http://www.dimented.net so you can see.

I used the andrew escobar way of getting front row for my ibook G4. Then I tried the instructions for making it work with my BT mighty mouse. However, after i followed the instructions front row no longer worked. Is there any way to get the mouse to work with front row if I used the downloaded version?

Any body seen this?

System extension cannot be used.
The system extension '/System/Library/Extensions/AppleHIDMouse.kext' was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update
I tried to delete and install it again, still didn't work. Please help!!

guys new to macs so excuse my ignorance on this question.
Question: I want to get front row working with the (apple remote) I do have the keyspan nice but I like the apple remote.
Machine Mac Pro 2.66 /intel. 2007.
So I understand that your able to get front row to work with the mouse or keyboard short cut but what about with the ir that the keyspan uses, i have also downloaded the Mira software which allows me to use the apple remote for almost anything but again front row is listed but nothing happens.
Obvious that the mac wont recognize the ir, any way to force it to see the ir(keyspan ir), or can you buy the ir from apple for a mini and plug it into the mother board direct( Mad question but coming from a x-pc owner i have to ask)
Any ides even mad ones lol.

I am not sure why but i have the wireless apple keyboard and mouse. I followed method 1 and nothing happened I even tried repairing permissions. I tried method 2 and well that killed my computer and I had to reinstall the OS.
I came back after that and attempted method 3. That did not work either.
I have the Mantra TR1 IrD with Mira installed. I can open iTunes, iPhoto, etc with my remote. However trying to open FrontRow does nothing.
Any other suggestions?

Tried option 1 and succeeded without any issues. I have a Mighty Mouse, and used Front Row with the Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row--works flawlessly.

The following was submitted as a new tip by an anonymous contributor; I haven't test it, so if you do, please comment on whether or not it works...
I read the article about how to enable Front Row and did this on my Mac Pro. But some people on MacRumors couldn't get it running, as they had a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. So I decided to go searching and try to fix this problem.
Well I have done some searching in my system, and I think I might know what to do for the wireless mighty mouses. However, I can't test it in any way. So this is provided as is!
Drill down to system » library » extensions » IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext » contents » info.plist, then go to IOkitpersonalities. Now in both the IOAppleBluetoothHIDDriver and in the IOBluetoothHIDDriver, make a child object item and call it HIDRemoteControl. Make it Boolean and make it true. And remember to do this in both the IOBluetoothHIDDriver and IOAppleBluetoothHIDDriver files. Save it and set permissions back (well, remember to change them in the first place so you can edit the file).
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I thought i put my email in for that...but i submitted that, and it was discussed here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=300487 post 29 talks about it.

What Is Front Row For Mac

I've tried case two and have not yet been able to make this work. I'm using 10.4.10. No error messages when trying to launch Front Row, nothing. I'd appreciate some help! Thanks

from www.tuaw.com (http://www.tuaw.com/2006/11/14/enabling-front-row-on-your-mac-pro-bluetooth-mighty-mouse-edit/)
The following steps are what you must do after adding the boolean value for M19-0a, M19-0b, and M19-1:
Click on the arrow to the left of M6.
Click on the first property that appears, whatever it is.
Press New Sibling, in the upper left of the window.
A new model string will be inserted and rename it to HIDRemoteControl.
Locate the new HIDRemoteControl line (it's in alphabetical order).
Change the type from String to Boolean.
Change the Boolean value to Yes.
Click on the arrow to the left of M6-events.
Click on the first property that appears, whatever it is.
Press New Sibling, in the upper left of the window.
A new model string will be inserted and rename it to HIDRemoteControl.
Locate the new HIDRemoteControl line (it's in alphabetical order).
Change the type from String to Boolean.
Change the Boolean value to Yes.
Thanks for the contribution, Sam!

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fyi Front Row is enabled for Mac Pros in 10.5 Leopard.

Front Row For Teachers

There is one shortcut that I find annoying in Mac OS X and it is the Front Row shortcut. The reason why I hate it is because I often accidentally set it off and it makes my Mac feel unresponsive for a few seconds until Front Row appears. It is possible to disable the 'Command - Esc' shortcut however. It is done by unchecking the 'Hide and Show Front Row' shortcut in the Keyboards Shortcuts section of System Preferences. What is great is that even if you disable the shortcut, you can still load Front Row with the Apple Remote or by directly loading the application from the Applications folder (you can also add the Front Row icon to the Dock).